Olinalá is a lacquer technique originally from Olinalá, Guerrero.

Wooden Boxes & Trays

Opening and smelling a wooden box from Olínala is transporting you to this magical place, full of tradition and culture,
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Wooden alebrijes

Variety of figures

Yarn painting



The tree of life is a clay sculpture commonly made by hand in Metepec Mexico.

Polychrome clay

The tree of life is tradition and fantasy of clay; It is a precious creation of skilled Mexican artisans.
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Wool rugs

Handmade rugs in Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca, 100% wool, with traditional and contemporary designs

Handmade in Oaxaca

The perfect gift is here. Bring some color from Oaxaca to your home.
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Handicrafts from Mexico

Handicrafts from Mexico A recognition of quality and innovation; the best selection of crafts made by artisans, artists, and designers. "Unique and unrepeatable pieces that connect the creator with the client. We work with the main artisan communities in the country to create pieces that transmit the essence of Mexico. In Crafts of Mexico you can find figures lined with chaquira, wooden alebrijes, Mexican pewter, trees of life, Olínala crafts and much more. Designs created to the rhythm of traditional crafts that manage to unite our history and the innovation of contemporary Mexican handicrafts. A virtual corner, where cultural richness and creativity intertwine to give life to the wonderful crafts of Mexico. On our website, we invite you to explore a world full of vibrant colors, ancestral techniques and incomparable artistic talent. 

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Yarn painting

Jewelry and Accessory

Whiskey bottles


Special Collection

Huichol art

Popular products

Huichol Art.- Discover the highest quality Mexican crafts; the latest acquisitions from our Mexican folk art gallery exclusively for you.

We want talent and tradition to never disappear

Enjoy the creativity and love for our cultural roots of each of our Mexican artisans.

Olinala handicrafts

Alebrijes, crafts that express Oaxacan imagination and talent

In each piece the creators combine their personal vision of the world around them, a mixture of the real and the fantastic.

Oaxacan handicrafts

Teotitlan from Valle

Rugs 100% wool

Wool Rugs are 100% made of natural wool, handmade fabrics with the tradition and characteristic designs of Mexican handicrafts.

Inspired by designs from the Zapotec Culture, performing a combination with contemporary styles that will give a special touch to any architectural space.

In the workshop located at Teotitlán del Valle in OaxacaThe artisans are involved in all aspects of weaving, from washing the raw wool, carding it carefully, dyeing it in many shades with natural dyes, and weaving it in the weaving mill. pedal loom.

In each piece, the craftsman shapes the forms that will become the representation of the art and culture of Mexico.

In addition, you have the option of ordering a personalized design, with the measurements and color palettes you like. We support talent  100% mexican

Art - Culture - Tradition

Handicrafts from Mexico

Crafts of Mexico.- It is a proposal to document the different techniques of Mexican crafts. Mexico and its artisans are the ideal combination that will take us on this journey so that we can recognize the origin of Mexican artisan work.

Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs with Mexican design.- Creation of 100% natural wool artisan rugs and other handmade woven products following tradition and designs

Origin of the alebrijes

There are figures of a very diverse fauna and fantastic beings of external influences, from monsters, pegasus or Martians to nahuales, expressions typical of the worldview of the original groups of Oaxaca.