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Muwieri or huichol staff made with feathers and thread by the huicholes of Nayarit Mexico.

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Staff of command - Muwieri Huichol

The "staff of command" in the Huichol culture, known as "muwieri or tatei kie", is an object of great importance and symbolism. The Huichol are an indigenous people of Mexico, especially known for their art and spirituality rooted in nature.

The staff of command, in this context, is a symbol of authority and leadership within the Huichol community. It is usually hand-carved and decorated with elements representative of the Huichol cosmovision and spirituality, such as geometric designs, figures of sacred animals and natural elements.

This staff of command is used during important ceremonies and rituals, and whoever carries it is usually an authority figure or leader within the community, such as a shaman or spiritual leader. Its presence and handling are an integral part of Huichol cultural and religious practices.

It is important to note that knowledge about the Huichol culture may vary and evolve over time, so I recommend that you consult additional and updated sources for more complete and accurate information.

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