Alebrije.- Peacock

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Wooden alebrije carved in the shape of a peacock, hand painted by artisans from Oaxaca

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Why buy a peacock alebrije?

The peacock alebrijes are in themselves an essential piece for any lover of these figures. Individually, they can be the perfect decoration for your living room. You can also combine them with other alebrijes to form a nice set.

This unmistakable bird is the representation of everything you like. Surely you are a sophisticated person who likes to appreciate beauty in all its forms. If you consider that life is full of small details, don't limit yourself to just one: buy lots of peacock alebrijes.

The peacock has always been an animal that has aroused the admiration of the human being. Since its plumage is so varied and colorful, it is the perfect animal for its essence to be embodied in a peacock alebrije.

The adult males of this species are very conspicuous due to the tuft of multicolored feathers that they display when they are courting a female or when they feel threatened. They also flaunt their plumage if they must defend their territory from predators.

This bird originally comes from India. In fact, it is so popular that it has become the national bird of this country. Some say that it was introduced into Europe by Alexander the Great after finding it in his conquests in Asia. His cultural influence has been so strong that his image has different meanings in various religions.

Although they are usually related to vanity, they have many positive connotations. Peacocks have also been a symbol of economic prosperity, as in the case of King Solomon. People who identify with these animals tend to be beautiful in appearance, who strive for leadership, and who value wisdom. They are individuals who make a clear difference between the ordinary and what is special.

Care: Clean with a soft, dry brush

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