Alebrije - Wooden Dolphin

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Dolphin - Alebrije made of wood and hand painted by artisans of Oaxaca.

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Dolphin - Alebrije

Alebrijes are a typical Mexican handicraft. They are pieces carved in wood and hand painted as real or fantasy animals that often represent stories, legends or dreams. Our alebrijes come from several family workshops in the state of Oaxaca. Each work is unique and they are all very beautiful!

The alebrije figures carved in wood are of a great variety of animals and objects hand-painted by skilled artisans of Oaxaca. They are made with symmetrical fretwork drawings and diverse motifs that give an explosion of color and dynamism in their designs. The large wooden alebrijes figures are full of color. They are an excellent Mexican 100% gift.

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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 4 cm


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