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How do I track my order?

Enter in Orders (Status) capture the order token or your username and password, once it is displayed it will indicate if it is processed and when the shipment is made, once the guide number appears you can enter the DHL page enter said number and see when it is received will deliver to the address you have entered in the system.

Why have I not received the order?

1.- The order has not yet been sent. We recommend that you check the order status in your account. Orders (Status)
2.- The order is in transit within the calculated shipping time, please wait. Most orders will arrive within the estimated time, if not please contact us.
3.- The order is possibly returned for the following reasons:
      * The courier tried to deliver but can't find it for you to confirm delivery.
      * The shipping address is incorrect or incomplete.

What does NO STOCK or SOLD ITEM mean?

"Out of stock" means that the product is not available because it is out of stock. The product will be available when it is in stock. If you still want it, consult us to see the possibility of obtaining an equal product since they are mostly unique pieces.

How to buy? 

In Mexican handicrafts we want to simplify the process of ordering our gifts and that is why we make it easy for you. From our experience, we know that buying a gift should be simple and clear, which is why we have answered most of the doubts, simplifying the purchase process. So our order process is as follows.

1. Enter our online store www.artesaniasdemexico.com and look for the product that you like the most from our collection.

2. In the product details section, review the features.

3. Go adding the pieces you want to the cart, when adding them to the cart you will see that they begin to be added and displayed at the top.

4. Process your purchase by entering the information requested for billing and shipping address.

5. In the event of any incident, the client can always contact us, through shop@artesaniasdemexico.com or calling the phone 442 368 5601, so that we can manage and solve it.

Also, if the customer wishes, they can always call us directly to ask us about the price of a personalized product, delivery times or any questions they may have about an item from our collection of Mexican gifts.

Delivery and Post-sale

For the Mexican gifts that we sell through our website www.artesaniasdemexico.com The estimated transit time is 2 – 5 days, depending on the model that has been chosen, the number of pieces and if it will have customization. In any case, at the time the order is confirmed, the estimated delivery time is indicated.

In case the estimated delivery time is not enough, since handmade gifts are often needed on a specific date, do not hesitate to contact us by phone 442 368 5601 or email shop@artesaniasdemexico.com to consult our Express Shipping service that can significantly reduce delivery time.

Once the gifts you have purchased from us have been delivered, you must check within a maximum period of 7 days that the material we have sent you is correct and meets your expectations. If not, contact us by phone at 442 368 5601 or via email shop@artesaniasdemexico.com and we will review your case to give you the most effective solution.

Payment methods

Clip (Credit card), Paypal, wire transfer or bank deposit and cash payment at OXXO stores (Mexico). You can buy and pay as you prefer, just choose the items you are interested in and process the payment.

1) Verify and select the currency of purchase (MXN peso or USD dollar) and click on add to cart.

2) Once the selection is finished, click on the image of the cart in the upper right part  

3) Select "Buy with account or As a guest" and enter the billing and shipping information requested

5) Select Shipping and payment method (Payment by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer) and continue

6) Check that the order information is correct

7) Wire transfer: The system will send you an email with the payment information and once done, send your receipt to shop@artesaniasdemexico.com

8) Payment by credit card (Clip or Paypal): The system will send you to the platform so you can process your payment and the system automatically notifies us once it is completed.

* If you have any questions, you can send us your query by email to shop@artesaniasdemexico.com

What is Paypal?

 Paypal. It is a service that allows you to make online payments quickly and safely in web stores around the world, keeping your financial information protected and ready when you need it. 

Return and Refund Policy

Returned goods: Our policy is to grant you the right to return any item purchased within 5 days from the date of receipt. The return will be in its original packaging, sealed and in perfect conditions.

Before making the return, you will have to notify the department of customer service. If the cause of the return was that the returned item does not correspond to what was requested in the order, Artesanía de México will bear all the costs of the return. If the reason for the return was another, we will refund the amount of the order but no shipping costs (If you have doubts about the products, we strongly ask you notify us of your doubts so that we can respond to you in a timely manner, since we can send you additional information or images so that you can appreciate them to your satisfaction).

The returned items will have a review upon receipt to verify that the piece has not been handled improperly or has any damage, in the event that any damage occurs, a charge will be made proportional to the damage done to the piece.

Within a maximum period of 20 days Upon receipt of the return, we promise to reimburse you according to the payment method used for the purchase.

Cancellation of the order: If the cancellation of the order arrives before the departure of the merchandise, the customer will not have any cost and the refund will be made 100%.